Le 20d’Ys, Bed and Breakfast in Douarnenez

Guest house

  • A large bed for two people
  • Quality linens
  • Bathroom : WC , Shower
  • Flat screen TV
  • WIFI Internet access
  • Hair dryer and towel dryer

Price :

  • 75 € / night for 1 person
  • 85 € / night for 2 persons
    Breakfast included
    (2-night minimum stay: May to September and all other school vacations)

The island of Coulinec

    The island of Coulinec is located in Tréboul, in front of the beach of Sables Blancs.

    It is close to the shore, and if you stay with us during the high tide period, you can walk to it.

    You will be able to find beautiful sleepers (another name given to crabs, delicious crabs that can be found stuck between the rocks at low tide).

    Facade renovation in Plabennec

    Would you rather have a home of your own?

    We rent a house
    located in Tréboul
    between the marina
    and the beach of Sables Blancs

    Le 20 d’Ys

    20 rue Saint Michel
    29100 Douarnenez